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A tennis match organizer had a Smashing success and a Net profit

Ok, I guess I need to accept Christmas is over.  When I used to work in a more conventional job (meaning 9-the work was done), our office typically closed between Christmas and New Years.  I would take those days off … Continue reading

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Heart surgeons never bypass a good opportunity

Christmas eve!  The excitement is building in the air!  Today we’ll be delivering snacks to our neighbors with our Christmas cards, watching Christmas specials, enjoying our traditional Christmas Eve dinner with family and going to church.  I’ve been working away … Continue reading

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Greeting card companies fate is in their cards

Christmas cards!! Love ’em!  I try to get my “first batch” out the day before Thanksgiving so my friends and family start receiving them the day after Thanksgiving.  I imagine, as they go to the mailbox, they are like, “come … Continue reading

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Nuts are so expensive these days. Nearly cost you an almond a leg

I mentioned before of our family tradition of making Scrabble on Army/Navy game day, and it makes enough to share.  I can remember, as a child, this was the gift for our bus drivers, teachers, mail lady, newspaper boy – … Continue reading

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I’m a sap for tree jokes

If you have mini-ions under the age of 4, you likely have a tree that gets redecorated.  Or ornaments that may find themselves in play kitchens, doll houses and incorporated into train tracks.  Currently, I have ornaments in at least … Continue reading

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After burning a batch of cookies, a baker felt very crummy

For a great majority of my life, I have hated decorating Christmas cookies. I already have a short attention span (which makes the fact that I’ve done over 80 blog posts a miracle) and my mom always seems to take … Continue reading

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In the army mess hall, the troops were getting fed up

“On brave old Army team.  On to the fray.  Fight on to victory, ’cause that’s the fearless Army way!” Today is a day of tradition.  Growing up, on a special Saturday in December, the household would be woken up to the … Continue reading

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