A tennis match organizer had a Smashing success and a Net profit

Ok, I guess I need to accept Christmas is over.  When I used to work in a more conventional job (meaning 9-the work was done), our office typically closed between Christmas and New Years.  I would take those days off to feast on the leftovers and do some reorganizing.  As Christmas came to a close, I was already itching to start clearing stuff out.

It’s a good time to do it.  I just spent the last month in preparation for Christmas, pushing things in hidden drawers, closets and other places I hoped no one would look.  Now that I have this sudden “down time” without further Christmas preparations, its a good time to refocus.

Already we’ve cleaned out our closet, with a huge pile of clothes to donate.  It was almost like getting even more Christmas presents – there were at least three pieces of clothing that I had forgotten.  I also created a pile of clothes that if I don’t use and get into general circulation, they get donated next year.

I’m working on huge stacks of laundry.  I generally like to sort all our socks and get rid of the loners.

We have a big shelving unit in our playroom that I cleaned out.  It was crazy.  I pulled everything out of it, threw a lot out, and only put back in the things I wanted in.  What a relief!!

We’ve had a play area in our basement that the mini-ions can never get to because I never want to be down there and they can’t be there themselves.  I’ve started to move some of the basement stuff upstairs, including their ikea table and chairs.  They have an area with art supplies, out, so they can use them whenever they want (*scary*).  I’m really happy I did it because already they are using the table and chairs, setting up tea parties together, doing projects on it, even pulling it into the kitchen so they could eat at “their” table while we ate at the big one.

I’m itching to take down our Christmas tree so I can get the playroom fully organized, but dear husband is still enjoying Christmas for a little longer.

Next up is fully organizing the playroom, cleaning my desk (I shudder at that) and then the shelving unit in the laundry room.  I’ll feel pretty organized to start 2014.

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2 Responses to A tennis match organizer had a Smashing success and a Net profit

  1. aviets says:

    I often do a few organizing/cleaning projects the week after Christmas, too. Up this week: a clear-out of the laundry room and **gasp!** cleaning the linen closet (which doubles as a junk-storage closet). Daunting beforehand, but such a wonderful feeling once it’s done!
    -Amy at http://www.momgoeson.wordpress.com

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