I’m a sap for tree jokes

If you have mini-ions under the age of 4, you likely have a tree that gets redecorated.  Or ornaments that may find themselves in play kitchens, doll houses and incorporated into train tracks.  Currently, I have ornaments in at least two other rooms than the tree is.  Only one broken, so far, this year.  Of course I have non-breakable ornaments within reach of the mini-ions, but it turns out they are getting smarter and using chairs and step stools to get to the ornaments they really want.

IMG_3884[1]Inspired by the idea of trying to find more ways to say yes, last year, I created a Christmas tree for the mini-ions to decorate (the wrinkles are from storage).  I had read on pinterest to get a big piece of felt, but that just wasn’t available to me.  Walmart has paper size sheets, so I got 7 pieces of green and one piece of brown, laid them out like a tree and glued them together.  I used those Velcro/sticky tabs to attach it to the wall.  Then bought one sheet of felt in 3 or 4 different colors and cut random shapes out to be ornaments.  Because, you realize, felt sticks to felt.  I have an old wipes case that the ornaments are kept in.

IMG_3887[1]Do I have felt ornaments all over my house?  Well, of course!  But its a lot more comfortable to step on a piece of felt than a Disney cruise boat or a crystal ballerina.  I don’t mind as much when a felt square is creatively used as a car track.  And when the mini-ions start heading towards the family tree, I just remind them to redecorate their own tree.  Christmas harmony restored!

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1 Response to I’m a sap for tree jokes

  1. Jan Davidson says:

    You’re such a smart nice mommy 😉

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