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What happens when food testers go on strike? Fast Resolution

The other day in the yoga class I’m taking at the gym I joined (if that doesn’t sound like ending the year right, I don’t know what does!), our yoga teacher encouraged us during our warm-up meditation to look over … Continue reading

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You decide what kind of light bulbs to buy by a process of illumination

My mom, sister and I were having a cozy moment the other night around the fire, a few days before Christmas.  My mom brought up the song, “I’ll be home for Christmas” and said that song used to bring her … Continue reading

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The weather man said there won’t be any rain for 6 months, but I drought it

After making a cloud, the next logical experiment in our science playgroup was to make it rain.  MAKE IT RAIN UP IN HERE! No.  They didn’t get it either. At any rate,  I got the idea from the blog, Learn, … Continue reading

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I tried wrapping Christmas presents, but I didn’t have the gift

Christmas gift tags are one of those things that seem insane to me to buy.  I’ve made them before by printing Christmassy icons on return address labels.  This year, I decided to destroy the mini-ions artwork for the sake of … Continue reading

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Late night truckers burn the midnight oil

I think marbleizing paper has been one of my favorite art activities.  It definitely created some take-home worthy art, at least in my family. The idea for this project came from the blog, Unplug your kids.  Definitely a blog I … Continue reading

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If your mind is clouded or in a fog you may have mist some opportunities

For my last three science experiements, I wanted to focus on weather.  The first one I did was creating a cloud, and it got a pretty big response. The idea came from the blog, We Made That, who’s children must … Continue reading

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She always paints night scenes. Other artists pale by comparison

For the first time, I used a non-washable paint, and held my breath.  The paint we used?  Made from Kool-aid!  It smelled great and nobody ended up drinking it.  Also, the majority of the color mixing was done on the … Continue reading

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