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Small people are in short supply

I’ve been asked several times through the course of my playgroup – where did I get that?  I tried, as best as possible, to use basic materials that anyone could use, in case a mom wanted to continue the fun … Continue reading

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A good band leader is always in tune with what’s happening in order to be up-beat

My first semester as a playgroup leader is under my belt.  It was fun, mind stretching and eye opening. If you are new to my blog, I started a playgroup for children 1-5.  On Mondays I had an art provocation, … Continue reading

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I must have had the chalkboard flu because today I feel remarkable

For my last art playgroup (a make-up class from an earlier stomach virus) we played with chalk, water and black paper.  The idea came from this blog post, which talked about creating different invitations to play – an idea I’m … Continue reading

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Some athletes who were also artists got together and discussed race and color

It was our last science day of the “spring semester” and so we circled back to reinforce our first science provocation, color mixing.  In the first science day, we did color mixing with oil and water.  This time we did color … Continue reading

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My boss does not tolerate any beards or mustaches. He is a real shave driver

When you think about an art project for preschoolers/toddlers, shaving cream and watercolors obviously come to mind, right?  It was another day when I achieved success at the playgroup – I achieved the coveted, “this is fun!” The idea came from … Continue reading

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The fire chief was always asked burning questions

No part of it seemed like a usual Thursday.  The mini-ions and I lazed around in bed until 10:30.  We didn’t eat breakfast until 11, which is highly unusual for us.  I think we were all just tired. I had … Continue reading

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The novel about the small garden didn’t have much of a plot

I’m excited to have my seeds in the ground, but oh so nervous.  Talk about a test of trust.  I spent money on these little bits and just trust that they will turn into beautiful food? As a way of … Continue reading

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