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I discovered that existence is no more than a never-ending circle in a roundabout kind of way

I found myself in an enviable position the other morning. In the early morning hours, Mini-ion #1 had a problem, we solved, and he crawled into bed with me.  Sometime closer to the sun rising, Mini-ion #2 came in because … Continue reading

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Those with scissors shouldn’t use cutting words

It was a Sunday afternoon and Dear Husband and I were snuggling contently on the couch watching football.  It was our last day of the winter “vacation” following the Christmas holiday and we were happy to just relax.  That should … Continue reading

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A farmer wanting to kill a chicken for dinner has to move faster than a speeding pullet

Budgets are tight after Christmas.  Meat is expensive.  Then, chicken leg quarters go on sale.  Chicken leg quarters on sale are a huge win.  First, $0.77 a lb!  Second, bones for bone broth!  I’ll generally buy two huge packages.  One, to just … Continue reading

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What is a duck’s favorite game to play? Billiards.

I had a super fun time this past fall with our playgroup families.  In case you missed it or are looking for some fun art and science activities, here’s a consolidated list of what we did. Art projects: Collaborative fall … Continue reading

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He threw snow in his neighbor’s driveway and shouted, DO YOU GET MY DRIFT?

For our final art project of the fall playgroup session, we painted with snow paint.  It was as much fun to make as it was to paint with (as you can see the mini-ions helping me prepare for playgroup). I … Continue reading

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A skier who loses a race on a cold day will have a frosty disposition

For our final science project, I introduced the idea of how frost forms.  It seemed very timely, as cold was setting in upon us.  I got the idea from the very helpful blog, We Made That on how to put it … Continue reading

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You won’t feel the squeeze with this great juicer deal

Who knew puffy paint would be so fun? I got the recipe from the blog, Sunny Side Homestead and loved the idea of giving the children bottles of paint to squirt out.  The colors are so vibrant and such good use of … Continue reading

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