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If you saw a bear foot in the woods it would give you paws for concern.

100 acts of summer awesomeness continues! As part of the MOMs group, we went on a hike in the woods. It was great, cleared as part of an old rail line, now generally serves quads and hikers and connects to … Continue reading

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Sitting in the sun this summer caused a lot of people to become well-red.

Within my mom’s group, there has been a lot of talk of “100 Activities of Summer”.  I’ve decided to jump on board.  Before Memorial Day, I’d like to do 100 acts of summer awesomeness with Mini-ion 1 & 2.  I’m … Continue reading

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Just got my paycheck, turns out I got a celery cut

I am on a quest. I may not be successful, but I’ll go down trying. I will find a way to sneak more vegetables into my husband and mini-ion 1. Both mini-ion 2 and I love many different types of … Continue reading

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The Irish …. An English-piquing people.

I have this fantastic t-shirt with an amazing story. In college, my sorority nickname was Bailey, in part after Bailey’s Irish Cream. While in college, a couple of us go into Manhattan for the St. Patrick’s Day parade, and I … Continue reading

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The crowd at the Cannibal’s party grew silent when he announced he would be serving finger food.

I love to plan gatherings.  And I think it is because I’m a praise junkie. Planning an event relaxes me.  Thinking through the details of an upcoming party helps me fall asleep at night.  Listing out the menu in my … Continue reading

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A gardener who moved back to her hometown rediscovered her roots

My parents had a tremendous garden when I was a child.  It was amazing to me the size of it with corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and sunflowers (among many other things).  It was hard work, bountiful and it turns out … Continue reading

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“But, what would I say?” I asked my sister skeptically.  She went into a litany of ideas which I instantly dismissed. “Who would want to read a blog I wrote?” I continued.  And she effectively said, if you write it, … Continue reading

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