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Yesterday I rode my bike twice, I guess that makes me a recycler

La la la – it’s working!  Yes, that’s my miniature happy dance/song put to wordpress.  You may recall a prior post about how I’m starting my seedlings as inexpensively as I can, using recycled materials.  And guess what, it’s working!! … Continue reading

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She wanted to be head of the artist’s union so she did an artful canvas

I had written a post about how well my little seedlings were doing, but between writing it this morning and posting time, I received word that my Uncle passed away.  It made me want to spend a little time with … Continue reading

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My father slept under the bed, I think he was a little potty

I’ve found recently that it is hard to let go of that feeling that only I can do everything.  And it is tiring to be in the place of useless spinning.  Particularly when it is useless. For example, I have taken … Continue reading

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The baby peas were fresh and sweet, but their fava was a has-bean

To finish up our series on beans in our Montessori-inspired playgroup, we created art with them.  I laid out paper, small bottles of school glue, paint brushes and a huge variety of beans.  Yes, it created as much mess as … Continue reading

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Beansprouts? OK. So what are they now, then

I’ve had a lot of fun over the last two weeks putting together this post.  The science project over the last two weeks has been about planting beans. In the first week, we talked about the bean itself.  I wanted … Continue reading

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A gardener buys super seeds to supersede the garden from the previous year

The seeds are in…..THE SEEDS ARE IN!  I’m so excited to be starting my garden from seeds this year, it’s hard to listen to my dad’s cautionary advice, “I always started seeds to early……”.  But I’m trying. I’m also trying … Continue reading

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You won’t feel the squeeze with this great juicer deal

I think I’ve been daring myself.  Literally saying to myself, how far can I push myself to that line that just reaches insanity before I’ve gone too far. If I would have shown the person I was this time last year, … Continue reading

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