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Those who want to paint polka-dots have to find a good spot

Here’s how I went from “I’m an awesome mom” to “I’m failing as a mom” to “I might be ok at this mom thing” in about an hour. You know, because being a mom always brings out the most stable … Continue reading

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How do you find a missing train? Follow the tracks.

This past weekend I did a lot of re-reading some of my earlier posts in preparation for a post about being tired on one of my other projects,  I realized it is getting close to a year since my … Continue reading

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If you miss a class at beauty school you’ll need a makeup session

It’s so easy to exclaim to your children, “you look beautiful!” and truly mean it.  While I’m a big proponent of not always remarking on how my daughter or other girls look, sometimes I’m just struck by it.  The words … Continue reading

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When my cat lost her male kittens I had to call missing purr sons.

It seems that having three children is all the rage right now. Let me be completely and utterly clear.  I am fixed.  Unless divine intervention takes hold, we are not having another child. Still, I’m curious about this three child … Continue reading

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The editor received his award with sheer delete

Guess what ladies?  I win.  That’s right. I am the worst mommy ever. I am nominated for this award several times a day by my three year old, Mini-ion #2.  It generally comes in conjunction with my saying no to … Continue reading

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Sunglasses for sailors had better be seeworthy

I had an unsettling experience recently.  I realized I am a 35+ adult with two children. That does seem ridiculous to say.  As I’ve been a participant these last 35+ years in this life I live, so you would think … Continue reading

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The forest had burned down, but now it’s back by poplar demand

I have a long-time friend who I met during my college years who has remained in my life as a dear mommy friend.  Our first borns were born eight days apart.  Her oldest may have been Mini-ion #1’s first playdate.  Her … Continue reading

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