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When I told them about how I escaped my pumpkin prison, they said I was out of my gourd

It’s almost Halloween!! Actually, I could almost care less.  Halloween isn’t one of my favorite holidays, it is one of my favorite holidays to get through because it means it is that much closer to Christmas.  But, this year Mini-ion … Continue reading

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If you take alphabet soup on vacation, pack it in your upper case

Prior to being a stay-at-home mom, I worked for 10 years in advertising agencies.  During the last 3 or 4 years, it required a lot of travel to our clients’ location, about 2.5 hours away. Part of the charm, I … Continue reading

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Those who make magnets can be quite attractive

During our twice a week little Montessori-ish school, we have an activity period.  First, I call it Montessori-ish because neither of us are Montessori trained; we’re just two moms trying the best we can, following the Montessori principles the best … Continue reading

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The color of the sun in the early morning: rose.

When I first found pinterest, one of the first pins I found was making roses out of fall leaves.  And they are gorgeous!  Time/whatever happened and I hadn’t had a chance to make them.  But then, I started a blog, … Continue reading

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A chicken farmer’s favorite car is a coupe

I last wrote about being a bad mommy  regarding drilling the alphabet into Mini-ion #1.  And, that I’ve learned from my mistake, which will hopefully better enable Mini-ion #2.  Mini-ion #1 will benefit too.  I want to utilize the Montessori … Continue reading

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If you leave alphabet soup on the stove, it could spell disaster

*hangs head in shame* I did it.  I officially ruined Mini-ion #1’s educational start.  I made him learn the ABC song like it was the most important song.  Ever.  Like, if he didn’t learn this song, he would never succeed. … Continue reading

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They won’t know who robbed the Scotch factory until they check the tape

I had previously said I was joking about talking about Christmas in October, but…..well….it is already on my mind.  As a young family with only one income, we frequently have to be creative in gifts for each other and our … Continue reading

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