Some people don’t like food going to waist


Where did you hide food as a kid?  You know, that food you didn’t want to eat, but your parents insisted you should have.

I can remember not eating my sandwiches my mom packed, and for a time, the cafeteria monitor knew my parents and threatened to tell my parents I was throwing out my sandwich, so I kept it in my lunch box.  I’d forget about it until I got home, where I needed to be rid of it immediately.  In my young head, apparently the den closet was the best place to put it.

There’s the legend in my dad’s side of the family of the table with empty legs that my dad and his siblings would stuff food down.  I guess a little smarter than throwing it in the den, especially with the proximity to the dinner table.

Turns out Mini-ion #2, at three years old, has already found a spot to discard unwanted food.  And this probably won’t put me in the “mommy winning” category for the week.

For most dinners, the Mini-ions need to eat much earlier than Dear Husband gets home from work.  I’ve put aside the picture of the beautiful family dinner on the week night and do what works best for us.  Which is usually peanut butter sandwiches on multi-grain bread.  In front of the tv. Because I’ve usually hit my limit by 5pm.

One evening, I saw Mini-ion #2 walking around with nearly a whole sandwich.  Then moments later, it was gone and she was ready for an apple.  I knew there was no possible way she could have eaten the whole sandwich so I started asking her where it was.  Finally, I got her to show me where it was.  And dug out handfuls of sandwiches.  Apple cores.  Cheese stick wrappers.  And more.  At three years old, Mini-ion #2 already had a food hiding spot, and it was in between two sections of our couch.

Yes, yes, we’ve taken steps to prevent this.  Well, prevent the food hiding, I don’t think there’s much we can do to prevent the lying.  As a plus, we can pinpoint the culprit to last summer’s ant problem!


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