Some of us are like potatoes: thick skinned but soft inside when warmed

December is chock full of holidays, could it get any better?  I love it.  I love the idea of celebrations, even if requires more effort and planning. I also love planning.

In the playgroup that I’m helping start, we wanted to celebrate all holidays of all cultures.  This year, our playgroup fell during Hanukkah, so I knew we needed to have a Hanukkah celebration of some kind.

We read a book about Hanukkah traditions, and then our activity, as a class, was making latkes.  Yes, I get it, that sounded crazy to me too.  I think our group that day had 8 kids, and 8 kids (with some mom help) made latkes.  Here’s how we did it.

IMG_3863[1]First, we made baked latkes; frying it would have been too adult intensive and this was really meant to be made by the kids!  We used a really simple recipe I got from here.  We did two batches.  The first batch, I had already prepared by cleaning the potatoes, shredding the potatoes and onions, squeezing them out and in a bowl ready for the baking powder, flour and salt.  I set up a potato cleaning station, a potato chopping station, a food processor button pressing station, an egg beating station, a flour and baking powder ingredient adding station, a mixing station and a station where the children could scoop the latke mixture onto a baking sheet and flatten it out.

I wish I had gotten a picture of the group in progress.  It was marvelous.  Did it go perfectly as I imagined it with everyone just at their station?  No.  But the awesome part of it was each child had a chance to try each station, which was something I hadn’t considered, and we were able to follow the children’s lead.  It required a lot of mom help, but we have a great group of moms that really got involved.  As the latkes were in the oven, the children washed and dried our tools.

It was great exposure for the children.  It was great exposure to the moms on involving children in the kitchen.  It was a great reminder to me to step back, not try to control so much and really let the children show me what they wanted to do.

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