Greeting card companies fate is in their cards

christmas cardsChristmas cards!! Love ’em!  I try to get my “first batch” out the day before Thanksgiving so my friends and family start receiving them the day after Thanksgiving.  I imagine, as they go to the mailbox, they are like, “come on, already?  have to be the first?” kinds of reactions.  But it still makes me smile.

I generally have a second or third batch that I get out in the later days.  But, if you were in my first batch, you are welcome and I’m sorry.  🙂

I grew up with my mom taping all the Christmas cards to the doorframe that separated our dining room and living room.  As a young wife, I did variations of that until Pinterest.  Ahhhh, pinterest.  As I’ve been visiting friends this holiday season, I’ve been thinking about the different ways people display them.

1471807_642185969151981_1386917079_nMy friend E came up with a very original idea.  She hung an antique picture frame over her mantel, draped with lights and greens.  As Christmas cards came in, she taped them inside.  Now, just days before Christmas, she has created a happy collage of her friends and family.  She also takes lovely pictures!

IMG_3908[1]My friend D let me take a picture of her Christmas card display, which happens to be her tree!  This was her family’s tradition – displaying Christmas cards among the tree ornaments.  She told me a funny story that as a child, though, they had to take them out of the tree for because the cats would jump in and knock them out.  Then her family would tape them up, much like my family did.  The cards in her tree, though, certainly added to the tree festiveness.

IMG_3927[1]Finally, our Christmas cards.  We string greens over our doorway to our back porch.  I punch a hole in the cards and hang them from the greens with white ribbon.  A variation on hanging them from the door frame, for sure.  We’ve been enjoying filling up the greens with pictures and cards from our friends and family.


Any way you do it, it is a lovely tradition and a cheap and easy way to help decorate for the holidays.  How do you display yours?

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4 Responses to Greeting card companies fate is in their cards

  1. Jan Davidson says:

    Sounds like you’re having fun – ohoh – your father just said we should write in our will that all Christmas decorations go to you 😉

  2. afourytale says:

    I display our cards as well. I love hanging the cards on door frames or with pretty ribbon and clipping the cards on them. I love the tree idea. I also bought a rod at Pier 1 and I leave up some of them year round.

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