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Yesterday I slept on a battery, it was a good power nap

I believe Albert Einstein defined insanity by doing the same thing over and over, but expecting different results.  I can’t tell you how many times I have found that to be true in parenting. Sometimes it is a matter of … Continue reading

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Some pigs were sold at auction while they were in a porking lot

Sorry Lon, this is another recipe post. You may just want to read the majority of it.  Although this was a REALLY good recipe. In November I wrote about cooking up a pork shoulder and being excited about what we … Continue reading

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A sailor has ties to home but is knot there often

I admit it.  I’m a plastic bag junkie. I blame this on my mom.  There was always a bag of bags.  Back then, the bag was much smaller because you could be getting plastic or paper more regularly.  The bags … Continue reading

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When bungee jumping never ask anyone to cut you some slack

How many horror stories have you heard in the last two years of moms that heard, “uh oh” in the other room that turned out to be hair inexpertly cut with scissors?  This has lead me to never want to … Continue reading

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When the church relocated it had an organ transplant

I’ve been torturing myself and my church congregation with Mini-ion #1 since he was a little over 2.  I’m sure you can tell me that it is important to start the mini-ions with church early, and I agree, but in the … Continue reading

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When one of her sons misbehaves, the queen is having a bad heir day

Dear Husband put it best, we’re going through a rough time right now.  Combine a long sleep regression with Mini-ion #2 and separation anxiety in both mini-ions makes for two parents at odds.  Not necessarily with each other, just at … Continue reading

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When I treated my friends to lunch at the Mexican fast food restaurant I had to pay the taco bill

Bone broth in an appetizer? YES! Bone broth in an appetizer. And then I might be bone broth tapped out for a while. So this recipe started out as a dinner, but we thought, after eating it, it would be … Continue reading

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