In the army mess hall, the troops were getting fed up

On brave old Army team.  On to the fray.  Fight on to victory, ’cause that’s the fearless Army way!”

Today is a day of tradition.  Growing up, on a special Saturday in December, the household would be woken up to the West Point Glee clubs rendition of “Blood on the risers” as well as other patriotic hits like “God Bless America” and “The Armed Forces Medley”.  Soon to be followed by the smell of scrabble (our homemade “chex mix”). ARMY NAVY GAME DAY!

The tradition is much longer than my family.  Since 1890, this rivalry has been ongoing.  Although dear husband’s father was in the Navy, after much pressing, he admitted that he never followed the results of the Army Navy game, therefore I was able to claim our house for Army.

Our tradition is still being defined.  We have our shirts on, a yummy breakfast cooking and scrabble ingredients ready to be baked.  The mini-ions are watching Army spirit videos on Youtube with me while listening to the West Point Glee Club.  There will likely be a mini-ion napping during the game, but her snores definitely have a “go army!” tone to them.

Its an interesting thing about family traditions.  Sometimes traditions bring families together (like gathering for holidays).  Sometimes traditions, even when you are apart, bring you together in spirit.  This is certainly one of those traditions that though my nuclear family is not together in person, joins in spirit.  And I hope that is something I can continue on for my mini-ions.  But, before we get too emotional, let’s remember.


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