I’m buying a birthday present for a sculptor. Can you chip in?

It seems to me that going to a birthday party should be an Act of Summer Awesomeness, right? Then mark us down for #89, a very fun garden party for a bright and imaginative 4 year old.

I think one of the great parts of having kids is going to birthday parties. So far, I’m not tired of it. I love the inventive ways families are honoring their children passing into a new age, and this birthday party was no different. I wish I was bright minded enough to have taken pictures of all the fun we had, but instead, I was just having fun.

We had a treasure hunt (#88) where the kids went into a lightly wooded area to find a bag, hanging from a tree with their name on it. Mini-ion #1 really enjoyed this. Although he can’t read his name yet, he could identify the first two letters in his name, helping him identify his bag.

Inside the bag was the most adorable little metal pail with kid gardening gloves, a kid-sized rake and lollipops. The gloves and rake stood up and the lollipops were attacked at the top as if it was a flower. Then, the kids put their gloves on, took their pail and picked wild raspberries (#87).

It was so fun and original and certainly inspiration for our future parties. Happy birthday!

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3 Responses to I’m buying a birthday present for a sculptor. Can you chip in?

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