She loved to listen to wild music with a-band-on.

Sometime last year, there was all this press about only having 940 Saturdays with your newborn kid.  At birth that might seem like plenty but pretty soon they just begin to dwindle and dwindle. When is the last time they’ll let you hold them, hug you with wild abandon, walk holding your hand?  Another good inspiration for creating memories together instead of letting our family time just waste away.

With that thought in mind, we planned a fun filled weekend day.  We all got into our work clothes, put on our work gloves, (yep, the mini-ions too, courtesy of a very fun birthday party) and did some gardening (#86 of Acts of Summer Awesomeness).  It may not have been too awesome for the hubs and I, but both mini-ions loved raking up the dirt.  However, it was a quick project, high impact and gave a deep level of satisfaction to me for a job well done.

Then in for lunch and naps.  Which didn’t happen for either mini-ion.  So we got into the car (they promptly fell asleep, finally!), picked up a bag dinner, and went to our nearby university for an outdoor children’s concert (#85).  The university musicians had a “petting zoo” prior to the concert so the mini-ions each got a chance to play the timpani and marimba.  The concert itself included a parade and some John Philip Sousa (a favorite composer of my father).


Following the concert, we just wandered a bit around where the concert grounds and found more wild raspberries to pick (#84).  I never said there was going to be 100 DIFFERENT Acts of Summer Awesomeness!!!

And, to top off a great day, we chased lightening bugs (#83).  What a great experience for the mini-ions!  I’d say we caught them, but the bugs would more land on their hands, giving them a chance to see the bugs up close (and see the light actually come on and off).

Our drive home was late, but both of the mini-ions stayed awake, chattering happily to us and each other.  And dear husband and I just sat back happily navigating the drive home, involved in the conversation when they wanted us.  We were tired and hot, but it may have been one of the best days yet of this summer.

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6 Responses to She loved to listen to wild music with a-band-on.

  1. preachteach says:

    Thanks for linking me! Chasing fireflies is something we need to do before summer is over!

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