The local baker was paying his staff based on a flourly rate.

It seems like a never ending battle to improve the quality of the food we eat. And it’s my entire fault. Well, not entirely. If my husband would eat a vegetable or two and veer outside of his food rules and……I’ll let that go. This time.

But, it’s a battle I’ll take on. And with Mini-ion #1 turning down nearly all vegetables, it is a struggle to get some good nutrition in him. I don’t like the idea of sneaking vegetables in him, but I also don’t like the idea of him being malnourished. I’ll pick the battles I can, and hope his palate matures.

One of my favorite ways to get to get carrots in him is with mini-muffins. But, first, let me talk about my love for mini-muffins. Obviously I love mini things (including my mini-ions). And mini-muffins are just bite size nuggets of goodness or in this case, nutrition. Mini-ion #1 loves his “cakes” and feels like he’s getting a real treat. It’s great for breakfast on the go when we head out on another Act of Summer Awesomeness. Plus, I get carrots and homemade applesauce in him.

My inspiration for the mini-muffins is this recipe.  I would list the recipe, but I deserve zero credit for it.  I adjust minimally; I use half the amount of sugar and only a ½ cup of oil. I make applesauce from apples we pick in an orchard with the peels on the apples for added fiber. I’ll freeze it and use it all year (although it doesn’t usually last this long).

I tried to involve the mini-ions in cooking, but turns out I didn’t have the patience or the necessary excess flour for that. But we tried. And after the mini-ions and the dog were covered in flour and shredded carrot, I took over, sprinkled raisins all over the table and let them “Hunger Games” it out.


Always a win at our MOM’s Group get togethers, these muffins inject a bit of happiness and nutrition in all of us. As long as Mini-ion #1 doesn’t notice the spinach I sneak into his eggs, I think he won’t suffer from malnutrition.

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