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What do you call cheese that is not yours? Nacho Cheese

I’ve been stocking up on meat, anytime it is on sale, since I bought our new freezer in September.  On Wednesday of this week, I realized I had no idea what food we’d be eating all weekend.  I checked my … Continue reading

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My famous bacon soup recipe began as an add hock meal

My grandmother is one of the greatest people I know.  I don’t say that lightly.  But my grandmother is truly worthy of those words.  When you see a picture of her, she is almost always laughing and when she laughs, … Continue reading

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Put a piece of beef between two pieces of bread and you have a bull-only sandwich

I had mentioned previously about our trip to the Virginia mountains and making a bit of food while there.  The other crockpot meal I wanted to share, that I made there, is called Dripped Beef. That’s a horrid name for a … Continue reading

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Organ donors put their heart into it.

We’re moving on to our next great adventure – Oktoberfest!! In 2007, dear husband and I took a trip to Europe, starting in Prague, heading to Munich and ending up in Zurich.  While we were in Munich, we met up … Continue reading

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No one wanted to see the naked banana. I guess it just lacked appeal.

It was a hot day.  It was a cranky day.  As Mini-ion #1 would say, “a long day, mommy”.  Even before Mini-ion#2’s nap, I knew it was going to be a rough early evening.  So I took fate into my … Continue reading

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The produce grocer keeps his eyes peeled for potatoes every week at the farmers market.

One of the benefits of the area we live in is the amount of nearby farms.  In my town alone there are two farms, at least.  There is a farmer’s market within 30 minutes of my house EVERY SINGLE DAY.  … Continue reading

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A box of food you buy for breakfast will have a cereal number on it.

Food alert!!  Food alert!!  A random act of deliciousness! I’ve been trying to help my church with their facebook page with someone else in the congregation.  One effort that my facebook partner in crime came up with was sharing recipes.  … Continue reading

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