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If you miss a class at beauty school you’ll need a makeup session

It’s so easy to exclaim to your children, “you look beautiful!” and truly mean it.  While I’m a big proponent of not always remarking on how my daughter or other girls look, sometimes I’m just struck by it.  The words … Continue reading

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For every jailor who makes a guarded comment there’s a prisoner who lets words escape

“She’s a vicious life-sucking bitch from which there is no escape.”  One of my favorite quotes from Armageddon.  Yes, a cheesy movie, but one I love nonetheless.  If that means you won’t read any further, I’m sorry for you, because … Continue reading

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When one of her sons misbehaves, the queen is having a bad heir day

Dear Husband put it best, we’re going through a rough time right now.  Combine a long sleep regression with Mini-ion #2 and separation anxiety in both mini-ions makes for two parents at odds.  Not necessarily with each other, just at … Continue reading

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The king and queen played chess in their castle at knight

On Tuesday night, the kids and I drove part of the way to my parents’ house,  then stopped for a play break at a McDonald’s while we waited for my husband to get out of work so we could continue … Continue reading

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If you leave alphabet soup on the stove, it could spell disaster

*hangs head in shame* I did it.  I officially ruined Mini-ion #1’s educational start.  I made him learn the ABC song like it was the most important song.  Ever.  Like, if he didn’t learn this song, he would never succeed. … Continue reading

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The hardest thing I’ve had to make was a sculpture from a large rock.

The last days of summer are upon us, and it feels like the final legs of our Acts of Summer Awesomeness will be accomplished.  Here are some of our latest: #21 – Painting with Q-tips – this was a cute … Continue reading

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Bringing a baby into the world is labor of love.

My dear amazing daughter, We said goodbye to a certain aspect of our relationship this weekend; I’ve ended breastfeeding you. If it was up to you, you would still be nursing, and that makes me sad that I’ve done this. … Continue reading

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