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I just left the worst food themed theme park ever. Goodbye, Gruel World!

Have you had your yum yucked? If you’ve tried to convince a child of any age to diversify their food portfolio, you probably have.  Imagine this, you have been eating something, enjoyed it, offered it to your child (or had it stolen … Continue reading

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The mother who worked as a baker was a real breadwinner

I had a seven-month old baby, whom I had left my job to stay home and take care of, when my previous job called and asked me to consult for a bit. Financially, it came at a perfect time.  We … Continue reading

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A perfectly spherical pumpkin makes good pi

There I was, wanting to make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies for our next Mom’s Group gathering, having all the materials needed, except the pumpkin. Faced with the idea of going to our grocery store with two mini-ions in tow, parking … Continue reading

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On the old trains the engineer had a lot of esteem

T is for Train – T –  T – Train! Yes, I did expect to have finished writing about my alphabet summer before fall started, but time at the computer has been limited lately with the mini-ions sleeping in, as … Continue reading

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Pour hot water down a rabbit hole and you get a hot cross bunny

Turns out, I shouldn’t quit my day job to decorate cookies.  Something I didn’t know until after I made the cookies for “THE BABY SHOWER” as favors.  But I know the sentiment was in the exact right place. As I … Continue reading

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Even with dressing my salad looked bare, so I put some cloves on it

Ten and a half years ago, I took on a mission.  If I had known it would have taken me this long to accomplish it, I might have included it in my wedding vows.  This mission was to find a … Continue reading

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For every jailor who makes a guarded comment there’s a prisoner who lets words escape

“She’s a vicious life-sucking bitch from which there is no escape.”  One of my favorite quotes from Armageddon.  Yes, a cheesy movie, but one I love nonetheless.  If that means you won’t read any further, I’m sorry for you, because … Continue reading

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