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I’m a sap for tree jokes

If you have mini-ions under the age of 4, you likely have a tree that gets redecorated.  Or ornaments that may find themselves in play kitchens, doll houses and incorporated into train tracks.  Currently, I have ornaments in at least … Continue reading

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With only one piece of wood, I tried to convince the fire to light by use of a monologue

Ahh, the smell of fall brings the smell of fires.  Don’t you just love the smell of a wood-burning fire?  Our house has this super woodstove that the previous owners told us could heat the whole house!  I don’t know … Continue reading

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My famous bacon soup recipe began as an add hock meal

My grandmother is one of the greatest people I know.  I don’t say that lightly.  But my grandmother is truly worthy of those words.  When you see a picture of her, she is almost always laughing and when she laughs, … Continue reading

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When I told them about how I escaped my pumpkin prison, they said I was out of my gourd

It’s almost Halloween!! Actually, I could almost care less.  Halloween isn’t one of my favorite holidays, it is one of my favorite holidays to get through because it means it is that much closer to Christmas.  But, this year Mini-ion … Continue reading

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The color of the sun in the early morning: rose.

When I first found pinterest, one of the first pins I found was making roses out of fall leaves.  And they are gorgeous!  Time/whatever happened and I hadn’t had a chance to make them.  But then, I started a blog, … Continue reading

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They won’t know who robbed the Scotch factory until they check the tape

I had previously said I was joking about talking about Christmas in October, but…..well….it is already on my mind.  As a young family with only one income, we frequently have to be creative in gifts for each other and our … Continue reading

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Those who plant trees be-leaf in the future

Now that Oktoberfest is over, it is time to start thinking about Christmas.  Haha, just kidding.  Kinda. I figured I’d write about some other way I’ve found to avoid doing housework and that is playing with the min-ions.  Well, not just … Continue reading

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