When my cat lost her male kittens I had to call missing purr sons.

It seems that having three children is all the rage right now.

Let me be completely and utterly clear.  I am fixed.  Unless divine intervention takes hold, we are not having another child.

Still, I’m curious about this three child family phenomenon.

Dear Husband and I recently had an opportunity to try it out by bringing along our 18-month old niece on a family outing to a children’s museum for a birthday party.  This was the best possible scenario – food is provided, friends are there for additional help and the birthday party itself has a guide to help.  Plus, an 18-month old child is one of my favorite stages of baby/toddler.  Just starting to talk, to play, not rushing them to the potty but diaper changes are much more infrequent, this is a good stage.

Dear Husband and I make a good team.  We were both flexible, frequently switching coverage of the children based on who had needs.  I had individual quality time with both Mini-ion #2 (Mini-ion #1 was busy fighting fires) and Niece.  Mini-ion #2 and I exchanged kisses and cuddles, Niece told me her colors and showed me her goofy side.

Then the inevitable moment comes that I imagine all three child parent dreads, the emergency.  In this case, I had Niece in one room, and Mini-ion #1 and #2 were with Dear Husband in another and Mini-ion #2 HAD to go to the bathroom, which was on a separate floor.

If you’ve read this blog, you’ll know that we’re at a critical point with Mini-ion #2 and bathrooms, so this was an emergency to get her there.  Dear Husband was able to point Mini-ion #1 in my direction while running Mini-ion #2 to the bathroom in time.  Disaster averted, but all of a sudden the realization was there that this could all go really, really wrong.

Soon after the bathroom crisis, Dear Husband came to realize that Mini-ion #1 was running a minor mob in the fire fighting room.  He and his henchmen squirreled away all the fire fighting costumes and were close to requiring the other children to kiss his ring before doling them out.  Certainly bowing was involved.

I guess that is where having three children to two parents gets you?  While no children were harmed in this three-hour experiment, one bathroom crisis was averted and one crime ring was established and dismantled.

I look forward to more opportunities to play the three child family on other adventures with Niece.  And I give a lot of credit to those parents willing to be out-numbered!


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3 Responses to When my cat lost her male kittens I had to call missing purr sons.

  1. aviets says:

    It’s an experience, for sure. We had our third shortly before good friends had their third. My friend asked me once her third was born, “Please tell me this three kids thing gets a little easier as they get older.” Sadly, I had to tell her that no, it does not get any easier. When you’ve got three, chaos and mayhem are a constant. But I wouldn’t have had it any other way!

  2. Mrs. Z says:

    I am so torn about having a third. And that is the reason haha

  3. We are set at 2, too. It makes it easier to divide and conquer!

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