The most non-confrontational age of kids is when they benign

If the mini-ions had a facebook account, I believe they would parent shame us.  I haven’t seen buzzfeed do a reel about it, so I believe it could be new.
If one of them gets in trouble, the other one is yelling at us for making the first one cry.  This isn’t right, right?  What I hear and remember from my childhood was getting the other one in trouble with parents.  Not, if I stop one mini-ion from, let’s say, staying up all night playing games on the tablet, and said mini-ion cries, should the other one start yelling at me, chasing me down, telling me I need to go apologize.
And I don’t even really make them apologize to other kids when they make them cry.
So then the real parent shaming begins.  “MOM!  It’s not nice to make Mini-ion #1 cry!”  Add in grumpy look.  “MOM!  Look at my face.”  I look (NEVER LOOK!).  It is truly the world’s angriest face.  “MOM!  Go say you’re sorry!”
I think if she knew about it, she’d take a picture of me, shame-faced, with a sign that says, “I made my son stop playing minecraft at his bedtime.”
It doesn’t stop there.
Let’s talk about all the reasons a three year old may cry.  Because they are always very rational.  Tonight’s crying was courtesy of me not be willing to put her in third outfit 15 minutes before bedtime.  I said, “you are going to bed in 15 minutes.  Wait 15 minutes and I’ll put you in your pajamas.”  WAY WRONG ANSWER!  As I heard from her five year old brother, lecture #34 about how I should have, after cleaning her up, put her in the fresh change of clothes.
Tonight’s sign would have been “I didn’t change my daughter into her third outfit 15 minutes before bedtime.”  Did I mention we’re still potty training?  Apparently with the influx of snow eating, she is not dehydrated.
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One Response to The most non-confrontational age of kids is when they benign

  1. Me says:

    I did put baby powder on your backside once when you got paddled. I don’t know that I ever had the courage to yell at Mom and Dad on your behalf. Your 3yr old though has yelled at me on your behalf. The mini-ions are very protective of the ones they love. Do you remember in Myrtle Beach when I had put part of a salad on the table because I needed space on the kitchen counter…you had started munching on it. When I had space again to finish the salad I brought it into the kitchen and Mini-ion #2 told me that was not very nice and I needed to put it back.

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