Sunglasses for sailors had better be seeworthy

2015-06-01 09.28.57I had an unsettling experience recently.  I realized I am a 35+ adult with two children.

That does seem ridiculous to say.  As I’ve been a participant these last 35+ years in this life I live, so you would think that I would have realized it before last month.  But there I was, on the recent beach business trip, forgetting.

It happened like this.  My mini-ions, mother, sister and I had settled on to our spot on the beach for the day.  I had lost my sunglasses, and was sunburned from the previous day on the beach, so I was little grumpy.  I put on Mini-ion #1’s sunglasses just to get some relief from the sun, but there was no relief from the constant pulling and crawling over sun-burned skin that my mini-ions seem to do at a constant rate.

The place where my parents take us to beach vacations is mostly families with children that all frolic in the sand together.  And in short order, the mini-ions found children to play with in the sand.  As we were all beginning to relax into our spot, I started to realize that the people next to us weren’t grandparents or another family, but they were couples, in their mid 20’s, tossing back cans of bud light.

I could almost taste it.  Dear Husband and I were married nearly seven years before we even started trying to have mini-ions because we were just having too much fun being young and enjoying life.  And while we still try to find ways to have fun, our lives changed TREMENDOUSLY from pre-mini-ions to post-mini-ions.  Yes.  Of course I love these little bundles of joy.  Of course they push and pull at my heart in ways I never thought possible.  But as the young couples’ party was amping up around us, I had a realization.

I’m the 35+ mom with the two crazy kids, sunburned, glaring at the youngsters partying around me.  In my son’s sunglasses.

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5 Responses to Sunglasses for sailors had better be seeworthy

  1. Me says:

    But you wore them with such style….

  2. aviets says:

    Hahahahahaha – I remember having this realization…over and over and over again. It has something to do with the fact that in my mind I’m still a very fit, gorgeous twenty-year old. Sadly, the reality does not bear out that fiction.

    • Yes! I still see myself as a 25 year old vixen. Without skull sunglasses.

      • aviets says:

        That reminds me – a couple of years ago our daughter bought new frames for her glasses. We thought when she bought them they had kind of an abstract design on the arms. When they came in and she brought them home we discovered those designs were tiny skulls. She was devastated, but they cost too much to replace! And if you don’t point them out or look too closely they still look like just an abstract design.

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