A lifeguard’s vocation is vacation

20150513_150929Claire Dunphy, in the tv show Modern Family, once said, “I’m travelling with my kids.  I’m not going on vacation, this is a business trip.”  And I fully believe that.

Back in my advertising days, I travelled quite a bit.  Its a different scene, interacting with different people.  But you still have to get your work done, its just a little harder because you don’t have the same tools you’d have at your office.

However, my parents recently took us to the beach.  By us, I mean the Mini-ions and me, dear husband needed to stay home to work.  That meant I had the majority of the diaper changes (except when Mini-ion #2 insisted her grandpa needed to change her!).  I had the majority of the food responsibilities.  I was entirely responsible for putting them to bed each night, which is typically a shared responsibility.

While typically, I would consider this another business trip, as the Mini-ions get older, things start to get easier, including finding ways to help me.

No, it wasn’t helpful when my mom would sit in her chair and ask the Mini-ions if they were taking a variety of things with them to the beach which she had no access to (or even any idea where they were) which resulted in a 10 minute delay for a frantic search and a meltdown.

But it was helpful when she sat with them to do beach crafts.  It was helpful when my dad took the Mini-ions to the beach each morning, giving me about 45 minutes to myself (which I stupidly used most mornings to jog on the beach).  It was helpful when my sister flew to my airport in order to endure a 10 hour drive with us to the beach in the middle of the night.  Then woke up in the middle of the night to endure another 10 hour drive, with a puking child, back to the airport, to then fly home.

While most vacations at this point in my life are business trips.  This business trip was certainly a LOT easier.  Thanks to my family.  Love you!  Can’t wait for next year 🙂

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