The forest had burned down, but now it’s back by poplar demand

I have a long-time friend who I met during my college years who has remained in my life as a dear mommy friend.  Our first borns were born eight days apart.  Her oldest may have been Mini-ion #1’s first playdate.  Her second daughter is quickly becoming Mini-ion #2’s partner in crime.

While dear husband and I moved out of the city shortly after we were married, she stayed in it, even with two children, experiencing all the city had to offer a young family.  One of those experience was a forest school, run in a local park by well-trained professionals.  And she paid dearly for it, but loved experience and community that her family had being a part of it.

In the last year, she did move out to the suburbs, but missed this community and this opportunity of child-led playing in nature.  She found a local wooded park in her area, and through social media, offered to plan a weekly meet up for like-minded families.

It blew up!

Before she knew it, there were over 250 people part of her facebook group, three-four meet-ups a week and people messaging her constantly on how to start one near them.

I went to one meet-up and knew it was great.  I wished I could have one near me, but with running the playgroup, I was full-up on responsibilities.  But wished someone near me would start one.

For C – it became overwhelming, time sucking.  A labor of love, a group she felt strongly about and how needed it is in a community, but knew it needed to be streamlined to make it easier to manage her group, help her start other groups and leaders of other groups do it easily themselves.

Within this group she found another like-minded mom, who when you communicate with you, puts you at ease.  Sabrina, writer of the blog Family + Footprints (which I suggest you immediately go read and follow) was this person.

Between C, Sabrina and myself, we developed an idea.  What if we created a website where people could find groups of like-minded people?  Parents that wanted to keep their children playing in nature.  What if we gave them ways to find others and ideas for being in nature?  Encouragement to get out there and let their children lead.  Opportunities to build their community.

I introduce you to that website – Forest School For All

It is just getting started but the momentum, the enthusiasm, the excitement is all so inspiring.

And through my playgroup, I found a mom that wanted to start one near me!  Now, not only can I help build the movement, but my children and I get to be a part of it.

Go!  Check it out right now!  Tell me what you think!

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