He threw snow in his neighbor’s driveway and shouted, DO YOU GET MY DRIFT?

20141201_094535For our final art project of the fall playgroup session, we painted with snow paint.  It was as much fun to make as it was to paint with (as you can see the mini-ions helping me prepare for playgroup).

I got the recipe from a blog called Mom Endeavors, who lives in Arizona and needed some fake snow because she wasn’t getting any of the real thing!  We have no problem with that in the northeast.

It’s made simply by mixing glue with shaving cream.  As it was the last day of this session of playgroup, it was a great way to empty out some of our half or quarter filled glue containers.  I had also bought a case of shaving cream for the semester, so I was happy to load it up.  I wasn’t interested in utilizing measure devices to make sure I had equal parts glue and shaving cream, so the mini-ions squeezed glue while I squirted shaving cream until it seemed like enough.  I tested it, and we squeezed and squirted appropriately.  As an added finish, I poured in some extra shakers of glitter I had.

20141201_100643 I plopped a big spoonful of snow paint in mason jars and let them have at it. On the Mom Endeavors blog, she cut out snowflake shapes for her children to paint and they made beautiful flakes which she hung up.  If you’ve read this blog, you’ll know that I’m not too interested in creating beautiful artwork, more interested in the process.  Also, I had zero interest in cutting out a lot of snowflakes.  The children each picked the construction paper color they wanted to create with and experimented with this new texture of paint.  Some went for big sweeping strokes, others used smaller more refined strokes.  A few children just wanted to squeeze it, which is always ok in my playgroup.  Truth be told, it was a fun texture to squeeze in your hands.

20141201_102811I did photograph our beautiful creations, on the construction paper which looked colorful and vibrant against the snow background.  The moms all oooed and ahhhed over them, then very happily left them there for me to “file”.  Hopefully the burden of guilt for appreciating every single artistic creation is lessened in my playgroup.



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3 Responses to He threw snow in his neighbor’s driveway and shouted, DO YOU GET MY DRIFT?

  1. aviets says:

    I’m so glad you posted this today! I’m leading story time for moms and toddlers/preschoolers at church next Monday, and we’re doing a snow story. I was needing a snowy-type activity to do with them, and this looks perfect!

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