You won’t feel the squeeze with this great juicer deal

wpid-20141124_103517.jpgWho knew puffy paint would be so fun?

I got the recipe from the blog, Sunny Side Homestead and loved the idea of giving the children bottles of paint to squirt out.  The colors are so vibrant and such good use of hand strength to squirt it out.

To make the paint, use an equal amount of water, flour and salt.  I have a ton of little squeeze bottles, which are great for so many activities, including squeezing out paint.  What I did was mix a huge batch of the paint, then added in a squeeze of tempera paint in each bottle, which helped me to refresh the colors that got used the most.  Because when you give the children a bunch of bottles of paint to squeeze, you have to be prepared for them to squeeze it all out.

wpid-20141124_115115.jpgInitially I tried to encourage them to just do dots.  I must have lost my mind.  While Mini-ion #1, at 4.5 was capable of doing that, Mini-ion #2 at 2.5 must have just laughed me off in her head because she got to squeezing!  Which forced me to laugh at myself and let her squeeze.

In a word, beautiful!  These are hanging on our wall.  When the paint dried, the salt left a beautiful sparkle.  My sister pointed out one of these pieces over Christmas as her favorite she had seen the mini-ions create.

Next time we do this, because we are definitely doing it again, I just need to remember to make more paint!

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