What happens when food testers go on strike? Fast Resolution

The other day in the yoga class I’m taking at the gym I joined (if that doesn’t sound like ending the year right, I don’t know what does!), our yoga teacher encouraged us during our warm-up meditation to look over our last year.  My heart warmed over the amazing experiences I’ve had this past year.

To start with, my resolutions from last year, I think I did pretty well.  I did start a Montessori-inspired playgroup, and while it is a lot of work, I’m really glad I did for two reasons.  First, I’m glad to be doing this activities with the mini-ions.  Second, it has created a community of women and children that I’m so grateful to be a part of.  These women truly teach me and build me into a better person and mom.

Next up, eating healthier.  Big check on that!  I’ve kicked the soda habit and moved myself completely off of the use of Splenda.  I bought so much local produce from our local farm stand I had to add more money to my account.  While we don’t eat strictly organic, there is barely a processed thing that I buy.  My parents may teasingly call me “Mother Earth”, but I wear that badge with honor, knowing I’m doing so much good for my family.

Finally, running a 5k.  I did not attain that.  At one point, I was walking 3-4 miles a day, 3 times a week, but truly, I did not enjoy it.  Early December, I joined a local gym (with childcare!!) and for the last three weeks, I’ve been there 2-4 times a week.  While I would like my clothes to fit better, my goal is really to have a little “me time”.  Whether this is for yoga, body pump or just a quiet shower, this need for “me time” is getting me there.

I feel like I’ve hit my parenting stride this year.  I’ve gotten a firm grasp (or firmer grasp) on the type of mother I want to be and that confidence helps in my relationship with my  mini-ions.  We’ve had such a tremendous year together.

While 2014 was filled with beautiful moments, it was also sadness.  First to say good-bye to my lovely grandmother.  Within the gathering of the family to say good-bye, there were some truly beautiful moments that I’ll carry in my heart with joy and tears.  Also to see two very lovely people in my life receive a diagnosis of cancer.  CT and SM – you both carry yourself with such grace and positivity. I’m grateful to have you part of my life.

As for 2015 – I just want to continue to live a healthier lifestyle, continue to go to the gym, continue to enjoy my family and continue to enjoy life!

Happy New Year!

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One Response to What happens when food testers go on strike? Fast Resolution

  1. April says:

    Wonderful post! I love yoga and must get back into it!

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