The weather man said there won’t be any rain for 6 months, but I drought it

wpid-20141119_101256.jpgAfter making a cloud, the next logical experiment in our science playgroup was to make it rain.  MAKE IT RAIN UP IN HERE!

No.  They didn’t get it either.

At any rate,  I got the idea from the blog, Learn, Play, Imagine.  The experiment was very timely because I get a lot of questions about rain from Mini-ion #1.  Figuring other moms are going through the “why?” period, I hoped this would help.

The set up was very similar to making a cloud.  A jar filled with hot water.  A bowl full of ice cubes.  Then watch and wait.  And that’s hard for a child 1.5-4.  As the nature of my playgroup is one in which you can go play and come back, that made the watching and waiting easier.  Eventually, we did get some very big drops of rain, which the children were able to see and admire.

However, if doing this in the future, I would recommend using metal bowls instead of paper.  The paper bowls seemed to absorb the water, making it really hard for the water droplets to form big enough to rain.

Not a week later, Mini-ion #1 was asking me about clouds and rain again.  I referred back to that experiment and that didn’t seem to help.  I then said that clouds are like big balls of rice, and when you poke at them, the rice falls off and the rice ball disappears.  Then he understood (kind of) and was looking forward to rice rain.  Note to self, always use food as metaphors with him.  Next time he asks, we’ll have to do the demonstration right then to hopefully make the connection and he won’t be looking to eat a bowl of rain with a fork.

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