I tried wrapping Christmas presents, but I didn’t have the gift

wpid-20141212_163745.jpgChristmas gift tags are one of those things that seem insane to me to buy.  I’ve made them before by printing Christmassy icons on return address labels.  This year, I decided to destroy the mini-ions artwork for the sake of Christmas.

One day in late November when things were starting to get a little out of control in the afternoon, I got the watercolors out for the mini-ions to paint cardstock.  Luckily my mini-ions don’t like to stop at just one, they’ll go several pieces in.  I let them dry and put them on the shelf for a while.

As I knew the time was approaching to wrap presents, I waited until I thought the mini-ions were involved playing to get out the watercolors and the extra large paper punch.  I first knew I wanted one of these paper punches when I saw my crafty friend use them to punch out gift tags for the favors of her daughter’s birthday party.  I bought it for the gift bags of the Mickey Mouse birthday party I threw in the spring.  Dear husband thought it was a one-time use tool.  Silly Dear husband!

Unfortunately, my sneakiness wasn’t sneaky enough and Mini-ion #1 caught me and wanted to be a part.  As I knew I had a bunch of back up watercolors, I took a deep breath, showed him how to punch the holes, then use the scissors to trim to get to the interior piece and let him at it.  I couldn’t find the child-sized scissors, so he had to use adult sized.  And he did great.  I was able to back-off and do some dishes and my little Montessori boy did his work.

wpid-20141217_041805.jpgYou know how sometimes you get “helped” by the children and many times it actually makes your life much more difficult?  This wasn’t one of those times.  It was a big help.  I had another of these moments with Mini-ion #1 last Christmas, decorating Christmas cookies, where I tried to sneak away to do it myself, was found, but ended up being really happy I was.  These beautiful watercolor Christmas tags are not only a way of sharing the mini-ions art adventures, but also a beautiful product of letting go and letting Mini-ion #1 help!

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