Hugging volcanoes are lava-able

wpid-20141105_100845.jpgMaking ice volcanoes definitely took a lot of trial and effort on my part, but it was necessary, because, well, ICE VOLCANOES!

The idea came from the website, Reading Confetti, who seems to be much better at winging it then I am.  Even at my most precise direction following, I still had to scrap and try again.  But look at how much fun it was!  Making little volcanoes of ice erupt?  The learning in this was tremendous – talking about the actual chemical reaction, talking about volcanoes.  Plus the color mixing of the red volcano and the blue solution.  And then the hand muscles to squeeze the solution out that made them erupt – totally worth all the effort.


wpid-20141103_081743.jpgTo start with, take a small bowl and drop a golf ball in the bottom.  Take a piece of plastic wrap, spray it with cooking spray and put it around the ball and up the sides of the bowl.  Don’t make any effort to surround the bottom of the golf ball.  Drop in about two teaspoons of baking soda and fill with colored water, making sure you’ve gone over the top of the golf ball.  I tried stirring it to get the water and baking soda evenly mixed, but any way I tried, the baking soda always fell to the bottom.  Let freeze completely (I think I did overnight).  Let thaw a bit until it is easy to pull the plastic wrap off the golf balls.  Pull the plastic wrap off and you have an ice volcano.

I filled small plastic squeeze bottles with vinegar (with plenty on hand to re-fill).  Just before the children arrived, I dropped another teaspoon of baking soda in the volcano just to make sure there would be plenty of fizzing.  Then – stand back and let the learning magic happen!

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3 Responses to Hugging volcanoes are lava-able

  1. Me says:

    That sounds cool!!!!!

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