The inventor of the balloon was full of hot air

wpid-20141015_102351.jpgWhen I insisted, while church volunteers were helping to build the play area, that they save all the water bottles, especially the lids, I got some weird looks.  But once I showed everyone at church what I did with them, they were as entranced as the children playing with them.


A lot of moms blew out their cheeks doing this, but it was totally worth it.  The idea came from the blog, Inspiration Laboratories.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take good set up pictures and don’t have a good up-close shot, so bear with my description.

Take a pull up water bottle top (we got ours from Poland Spring water bottles – they call it the Sport Cap) and hot glue it around the inner circle part of a CD.  I also used the hot glue to create an extra lip around the top.

wpid-20141015_102834.jpgWhen the children got there, I had markers out for them to decorate their CD’s, which they happily did for some time.  Their eyes lit up when I pulled the balloons out.  But then when I blew it up, attached it to the top, put it on a collapsed table and sailed it across, well…..even the littlest child was entranced.

Over and over the balloons were blown up and sailed across the table.  Children were finding ways to blow up their own balloons when moms’ cheeks became too worn out.  In short, they loved it.  And I got plenty of “whoah!” and “wow!” to satisfy me through another week.

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4 Responses to The inventor of the balloon was full of hot air

  1. aviets says:

    Awesome! I’m sending this to our Science rotation Sunday School teacher for her files. Thanks!

  2. That’s amazing! Im so gonna try this with Smallish Boy

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