Weddings always have lots of marryment

wedding activities making lettersRecently, my cousin Aaron got married.  In the days leading up to his wedding to Megen, his mother, my aunt, asked me for some suggestions for activities for the children to do during the accompanying parties.  My inspiration was for the children to do art for the new couple, which they may or may not want to keep.  I wanted it to be more free-flowing, so it didn’t require a lot of adult intervention, although, may be messy.  And the children could come back and forth to it, whenever they wanted to.  Kinda like a playgroup project!

The first day of parties was more of a rehearsal dinner type of thing, so I knew the dress would be a little more casual.  Of course that should mean paint!  I bought a wooden letter for each of their first names and an “&”, left out little plates with paint and a paint brush, and let the children discover and start on their own.  In order for it not to turn out a “preschool brown”, I only included red, yellow and orange, which when combined, made a very pretty red.  The children thoroughly painted both sides of the letters – I wish I had gotten a completed picture!  Of course my mini-ions also thoroughly painted themselves, but, again, it was a little more casual.

wedding activities, nature heartThe next day of parties was the wedding itself.  Knowing there would be more pictures there, although in a park, I tried to keep this activity a little cleaner.  Dear husband cut out a giant cardboard heart.  My aunt provided crayons, I provided glue sticks and nature provided leaves, sticks and grass to decorate it.  The children really took ownership of this activity – coming back and forth to it.  I’d see some of them find the perfect leaf and run over to the heart to glue it on.  Unfortunately bubbles were also on the table, which ended up spilling all over and ultimately ruining the heart.  But if it hadn’t, I felt like this would have been a “heartfelt” project that the new couple would have cherished.  Likely in the garage.

My mini-ions had a wonderful time meeting new family and creating art along side of them.  Many well wishes, Aaron and Megen, on your beautiful fall wedding.  Cheers!

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