I crossed a cell phone with a skunk, and now the service stinks

wpid-2014-11-26-15.35.23.jpg.jpegMini-ion #1 was playing with his cross that he received from his Sunday school teacher and told Dear Husband that he could use it as a shooter.  Dear Husband chuckled, and sent him my way, with an open ear for my reaction.

Luckily I was prepared and so when he told me he could use his cross as a shooter (a gun) I told him it was a great way, when he wanted to talk to God, to shoot what he wanted to say directly up with his cross.  That seemed like an all around win.  I heard him walking around saying, “Pew!  Pew!  Hi God!”

A little later he came up to me and said, “I can use this to shoot messages directly up to GiGi, too!”  GiGi was the name he called my dear grandmother, who passed away in August. I immediately burst into tears and hugged him.  When he asked me why I was crying I told him it was because I miss her and am grateful for him.

Last Thanksgiving, we spent with my family because we thought it would be my grandmother’s last one.  As I’ve been preparing for this one, she’s been on my mind a lot, and I’ve been hearing her voice a lot, from one of those books that she recorded for Mini-ion #1 for Christmas last year.  It was so heartwarming to think that Mini-ion #1 may have a direct line to that wonderful, generous lady.  I can’t wait to hear what follows “Pew! Pew!” when he’s talking to her.

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