When you use glue in class it paste to be careful

wpid-20141006_101855.jpgAfter getting everyone comfortable with watercolor painting, I took it the next step.  Because, why not?  Why stop at just watercolors when you can add glue and salt?

The idea comes from the blog, Sweet Happy Life who displayed gorgeous pictures of her child’s creation.  Ours didn’t quite come out the same way.  Granted, we used cardstock and white school glue instead of canvas and clear glue.  However, this was still an engaging activity for the children.

Coming off of the week’s prior experience of watercolor, they had a better idea of what to do.  These experienced watercolor painters took right to it.  Then, I gave them little containers of glue to squeeze on to their paper – it was like giving them the most amazing toy.  Imagine, as a two year old, being given a small squeeze bottle of glue and being invited to squeeze as much or as little as you wanted?  Yes, we did empty many little bottles of glue while the children strengthened their hand muscles squeezing “lakes” of glue on to their paintings.  Then were given the freedom to sprinkle salt.

Not too many pictures made it home after this project.  But that was never the point.  The point was to give the children the freedom to explore the use of watercolors, glue and salt.  And based on the amount of time they spent on it, concentrating on their exploration, I’d call it a success.

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