It’s OK to watch an elephant bathe as they usually have their trunks on

wpid-20141001_094225.jpgThe children were amazed and awed with our next science experiment, Elephant Toothpaste, courtesy of Preschool Powol Packs.  It was fun to see their reaction.

The first picture was my set up, because you have to be prepared when you have 17 little sweethearts coming in to play.  For our recent play area building, I had been saving the water bottles for this experiment (the caps for another).  In the water bottles, I added a 1/2 cup of 6% hydrogen peroxide
(I’ve included an amazon link because you can’t just use the 3% hydrogen peroxide available from the store), 4-5 drops of washable liquid watercolor (I use that instead of food coloring for the washability factor) and a squirt of dish soap.  Included in the roaster tin, I had a mason jar with a teaspoon of yeast.

As the children approached the table, I added 2 Tablespoons of warm water to the mason jar, gave them a funnel and had them pour it into the bottle and watch the reaction.

They loved it!

“Whoah!” erupted from the group as the toothpaste erupted from the bottle.  Then I encouraged them to play with the foam, which they jumped right into.  We talked about how the foam was warm, because they had created an exothermic reaction (releases energy as heat).  Of course spoons were added, and the jar, bottle and spoons made great tools for new concoctions.

I had told the moms I didn’t think it would be too messy, mostly contained, but of course it was Mini-ion #2 that covered her hands in this hydrogen peroxide solution then ran her hands all over her hair.  Luckily, she is already blonde!

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