When the tree senses danger, it packs up its trunk and leaves.


For our second week of playgroup,  I was still going easy on the moms with a low mess art project – leaf rubbings!

I taped some leaves, vein side up to one table,  for the younger children. This seemed like a really great idea on paper, but when you factored in the amount of soap residue on the tables from the childrens’ efforts at cleaning the previous playgroup it wasn’t very helpful because it didn’t stick.

I also had a collection of various other leaves. I had white paper and an assortment of chubby crayons.  And invited the children to create.

There weren’t too many successful leaf rubbings, although some interesting attempts.  My mini-ions aren’t allowed to have crayons at home because my dog eats them and is very allergic, so they were more interested in the opportunity of just using the crayons to color and had little in the leaves themselves.  I was ok with that, just as I am if they didn’t want to do the project at all.  There is no gain in forcing it, in my opinion.  There is plenty of times in their lives they will be forced to do things they don’t want to do – art projects at two and four shouldn’t be one of them.

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