The landscaper thought gardening magazines were fun to leaf through

It’s play group season again!  As a quick catch-up, I started a Montessori-inspired Mommy and Me playgroup for children in my area.  It meets two days a week.  The first day, I have an art project, the second day I have a science project.  I try to make the projects ones that the children can go back and forth.  Throughout the rest of the room, I have a practical life, early literacy and early math section with trays of activities the children can work on.  I also have a block and imaginative play area.

wpid-20140915_100236.jpgOur first art project was collaborative and one that can be worked on throughout the semester.  A fall scene!!

I thought it was a nice, laid back, neat way to start the semester.  I had a big piece of cardboard that I covered with white paper.

wpid-20140909_114918.jpgI kept packing paper, rolled it up and taped it down to the paper covered cardboard, in the shapes of trees.  I collected a couple basketfuls of leaves and left the leaves and glue sticks out for the children to have at it.

It was a nice introductory activity as we all started to get to know each other.  I had one little girl spend the majority of the playgroup carefully gluing and applying leaves.  Others would come and go.  Mini-ion #1 liked to glue his up in the air as if they were flying through the air.

Like the rainbow from last semester, this is project that will be available to the children any time they want to spend some time gluing and applying leaves.  As the trees continue to change, I need to keep adding more and more colorful leaves.  I look forward to the end product!

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