I phoned the zoo but the lion was busy

zooZ is for Zoo – Z – Z – Zoo!

Yeah!  We got through an Alphabet Summer (yes Mom, I hear you whispering under your breath “in October”).

This wasn’t a large zoo we went to, but it had lots of different animals, more of the bird and small rodent type, but it encouraged appreciation and learning about different species.  And that’s about all you need, right?

Zoos are still a bit tough for me to do with the two mini-ions, because both have different opinions of where they want to be.  And at home, I encourage them to go off on their own and explore at their own pace, so when I have to keep track of both of them, exploring at their own pace, well……things can get a little frustrating for all of us.

But, despite ending on an event where I was nearly tearing my hair out, it was a magical summer.  We appreciated so much the age the mini-ions are at that outings and events are so much easier, while still trying to soak up each stage they are going through, knowing that with Mini-ion #2, it is the last time we’ll have a mini-ion learning to put sentences together or understanding how to get her way.  Realizing that in March, Mini-ion #1 will be turning five.  FIVE!  How did this happen?  Time to go get some more snuggles while they’ll still let me.

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4 Responses to I phoned the zoo but the lion was busy

  1. April says:

    We love taking the kids to the Zoo! Just wait till your littlr starts Kindergarten! When my oldest started last year, she would not even let me hug her good bye! They grow up way too fast 😦

  2. preachteach says:

    We probably would’ve got to letter D and just given up 🙂 October- schmocktober! Way to go!

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