In each town on his trip, the baseball player made a short stop


Photo by AP from Crain's New York Business online

Photo by AP from Crain’s New York Business online

Y is for Yankees – Y – Y – Yankees

In case you were under a rock this summer, September 25th, 2014 was Derek Jeter’s last game at Yankee stadium.

When Derek Jeter was a rookie, my dad got me into the Yankees.  Yes, it was the hook of this very charismatic, watchable ball player that got me to sit down and watch some games with my dad, but I think he was happy to take any hook that he could get.  I was in high school, and though it wasn’t many, there were games I would sit with my dad and watch, and it was because of Derek Jeter.

My college sweetheart, who turned into dear husband, is also a Yankee fan, so he appreciates the work my dad did to get me to my current state.  While I’m no where near the fan that my dad or dear husband is, I have enjoyed many an afternoon or evening watching a game, sometimes even by myself.

This turns into the Y of Alphabet Summer, because on the night of Jeter’s last game, we tried to make it an event with the mini-ions.  Just in case, there might be some memory spark that reminds them that for Jeter’s last game in pinstripes, they stayed up late to watch it.  We certainly reminded them that it was a big day.

While during a great majority of it, they resisted the confines of our insisted cuddle in bed together, the mini-ions hit the highlights.  They were still awake and cheered with us for his game winning hit.  They watched his farewell walk around the stadium.  And they snuggled in and snored quietly as our eyes welled up with tears during his last interview.

This family would have been happier if this turned out to be an act of November awesomeness, but I’m glad that watching Derek Jeter’s final game at Yankee stadium was something experienced with my family.  Thanks, Dad!

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