Lightning storms can be very striking

X is for Xylophone that never happened – X – X – Xylophone that never happened

I’m sad to report that on the letter X, I have no act of summer awesomeness to report.  When dreaming this whole idea up, the X option was one of the easiest.  My favorite park in the area has an outdoor xylophone – this would be an easy one!

However, so much fun was had this summer, that we only made it to that park once, for about an hour.  Since it was the very beginning of summer, I never even got a picture there, figuring I would return.  Late summer, a harsh storm hit our area, bringing down several trees in the park, closing it for the remainder of summer.  I waited quite a while to see if it would reopen, and sadly, it hasn’t.

I call an, “I give up” on X, and want to quickly proceed to Y and Z to finish documenting our summer activities, which ended some time ago, and start talking about the food and fun we’re having in the fall.  Stay tuned, Y is coming shortly!

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