They argued about their vacation and finally stayed at the last resort

IMG_5260V is for Vacation – V – V – Vacation!

What summer is complete without a summer vacation?  Although some may argue an entire summer is the vacation, we did have the opportunity to explore our world a little bit, thanks to the generosity of my parents.  We went to a beautiful area of New Hampshire, and one of my favorite things we there was go to Santa’s Village.

Talk about adorable!  And as someone who wishes that Christmas wasn’t just in December, it was great to celebrate the spirit and festivities of Christmas in the summer.

IMG_5291It’s an amusement park with rides, shows and games.  The “celebrities” to get pictures with where elves, reindeer and of course, Santa Claus himself.  It did have a feel of what Santa’s workshop would be like (if they relocated for the summer).

The mini-ions had a chance to go to elf school.  Although they didn’t learn any new toy making skills, they got to check out the elves’ desks.

IMG_5301 There was a stable, where the reindeer are obviously kept.  The mini-ions had a chance to feed such famous reindeer like Dasher and Donner.  No sign of Rudolph.  After feeding the reindeer, there was an opportunity for some reindeer games.



IMG_5326There was a beautiful, life-size nativity scene set up, which allowed the mini-ions to experience the magic of the manger.  At first Mini-ion #1 explored it with some reverence.  It wasn’t long, though, before he was looking to ride the sheep and goats.  He did have a chance to say hi to Baby Jesus.




And then, what better way to wrap up a day of Christmas then to decorate gingerbread men.  They used my favorite way of decorating, squirt bottles full of icing.



It was a great trip to New Hampshire, and a magical day at Santa’s Village.  Thanks, Mom and Dad!


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