The weather bureau is an umbrella organization

umbrellaU is for Umbrella – U – U – Umbrella

This wasn’t a summer with a lot of rainy days.  While that gives a lot of opportunity for sunny fun, I had a couple of things in my back pocket that we never even got to, but we did get to play in the rain with umbrellas.

Umbrellas seems to be a fascinating thing to my mini-ions.  Luckily, dear husband seems to buy a lot of them because the city he works in is mostly pedestrian and he never seems to have an umbrella when it rains.

The problem with umbrellas is the same as with sticks, they could poke their eyes out.  I believe this is a real threat and does happen to thousands of children.  But this day, I wasn’t going to let it worry me and stop the fun.  They marched around, giggling and singing and enjoying the rain.

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