The fruit farmer is berry competitive in his field

strawberryS is for Strawberry – S – S – Strawberry!

I get it.  It’s September and I’m talking about strawberry picking, which was clearly done in June.  Such is the life of the alphabet summer.

It was fun and beautiful.  It was also a bit back breaking and frustrating trying to keep the mini-ions from stepping on the strawberries and picking green ones.  I was really relieved that the rest of our berry picking involved trees as opposed to vines on the ground.

It also brought to light some of the financial struggles that farmers are faced.  This particular farm we went to has a lot of u-pick options.  Just this year, however, they started charging an entrance fee, and then a strawberry picking fee.  And, if they felt you were eating too much that you didn’t pay for, there would be an additional fee (which was why I was trying so hard to have the mini-ions be respectful of not crushing or picking unripe fruit).  Yes, I see the joke in paying to do their work.  The more amusing part was that Mini-ion #2 was free, but she probably did the most damage.

But further, its understanding that these farm has been an institution of where to pick fruits and vegetables, and what had they experienced to feel that they had to now charge an entrance fee?  How taken advantage of, by the very people they were trying to feed, did they feel that lead them to this?

My heart hurts a bit for them.  Yes, they are trying to make money.  To survive.  Like we all are.  The receive untold amounts of criticism for this decision yet it must have been a very hard decision to make, to now charge for entry.

I was at Walmart the other day, buying a couple of necessities, in addition to some large mixing bowls for our outdoor play area we’re building at the church.  While going through the check-out line, the mixing bowls were nested within each other.  The check out lady scanned just the bottom, and I asked her if she got the other two.  She misheard me, so I stopped her and made sure she scanned the two interior bowls she missed.  She thanked me and said, “not everyone would do that.”  I said, “I’m just trying to send out good into the world.”

Sounds like I heard some of your life lessons, Mom! 🙂

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4 Responses to The fruit farmer is berry competitive in his field

  1. aviets says:

    Good for you! I firmly believe that those little actions can make a real difference in the world, even though we might not see it. Ripple effect. 🙂

  2. Jan Davidson says:

    I’m proud of you – you listened….Mom

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