The quietest burglers in the city were called “Criminal Mimes”

quiet cloudsQ is for Quiet – Q – Q – Quiet

I think this falls into the “stop and smell the roses category”, but our summer is going by so fast, I wanted to take a moment and just breath it in with the mini-ions.

One day as we piled out of the car after a busy day of fun, I was beat.  I stumbled over to the nearest stretch of grass and fell down.  I convinced the mini-ions to stumble over to me and lay down too and we took a few moments to watch the clouds.  Mini-ion #1 started pointing out shapes, Mini-ion #2 was just happy for the snuggle.

It turned into a sweet, cuddly moment where we re-centered before the next phase of our day.  We breathed in the sweet summer air.  We experienced the grass underneath and the wind above.  It wasn’t long, because it can’t be with a four and two year old.  But it was our moment together.  And then we started running again to the next bit of fun.

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