All students in Helsinki go to Finnishing school

first week of preschoolFirst week of preschool under the belt.  I didn’t do one of those adorable “first day” pictures for Mini-ion #1, because his preschool is taking place at our kitchen table.

We made the decision not to put him in a formal preschool program.  He’s in our playgroup twice a week.  He’ll have a tumbling class on Fridays.  And he is really enjoying spending a half hour to an hour a day “working” on things that he’s interested in.

My goal for Mini-ion #1 this school year is to have him comfortable with all the letter sounds and writing letters and numbers.  Beyond that, I’m just trying to introduce things he’s interested in and pursuing that.  For Mini-ion #2, she loves being in school with Mini-ion #1, so I’m trying to find practical life activities that help her concentration.

this week's tray assortmentIt took me all week to really adjust the trays to what worked for both Mini-ions and me.  It needed to be a place of “yes” instead of me saying “no” the whole time.  For practical life activities, there is tonging acorns and sewing.  For Mini-ion #1, he’s counting leaves/apples on trees and assigning the number to them, practicing writing letters and sorting cards by their initial letter sound.  For Mini-ion #2, she’s sorting colors, filling in letters by placing stones on them while identifying the sound, and attaching clothes pins to numbered cards to get the amount/number association. They’ve really appreciated having their own mats where they do their own work.  I’ll let Mini-ion #1 do Mini-ion #2’s activities because he can zoom through them and gives him a sense of confidence to work on the harder trays.

I set it up in my kitchen, and when we’re done, I take it down, so they understand these materials are just for school.  I’ve been storing it in a big box, but over time I’ll find a better way.

Even the first week, there were a couple of days where I was ready to skip it, but Mini-ion #1 really encouraged it, which encouraged me.  And each night I’m enjoying telling Dear Husband what we did, I think Mini-ion #1 is too.


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