A guy who crosses the ocean twice without a shower is a dirty double crosser

oceanO is for Ocean – O – O – Ocean

Doesn’t being at the ocean make everything feel better?

I have many happy memories of my parents renting houses with my dad’s siblings at the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  Those were standout vacations in my memory, playing with my cousins, body surfing in the waves and investigating critters that washed up.  When my parents invested in a timeshare and offered to take us on yearly beach vacations, who was I to decline?

Not every time is dear husband able to take off of work, but this year he was, and we both really needed this time being battered by the ocean waves.  After getting up at 3 in the morning and driving 12 hours to get to the beach, we wanted in the ocean right away.

This shot was from our first entrance into the ocean.  We dropped our stuff in the room, put on bathing suits and got right out there to have our souls cleansed and spirits raised.  For a week we alternated between the beach and the pool at our ocean front resort.  Always, when my dear husband is with us at the beach, a giant hole is dug.  Sand castles were made and stomped.  Frustrating attempts at body surfing were made (we were never in the right place!).

Thank you, Mom and Dad, for bringing us along.  And thank you, Aunt Becky, for playing with the mini-ions as much as you did!!

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