She beat him to the garden by pre-seeding him

some of my tomatoesI can proudly say, “it worked”.

This is just one of many baskets of tomatoes I’ve pulled out of the garden.  And they taste delicious.

You may recall in March, I started writing about wanting to garden more cost efficiently.  I bought organic seeds and very cheap lamps with cheap grow lights.  In this post and this post, I demonstrated how I set up my seed growing system using just these lights and recycled materials, like egg cartons and spinach containers.  My investment was $42 for the light, about $15 for the seeds and $3 for the soil.

I saved egg cartons to plant the initial seeds in.  I used the plastic spinach bins to create greenhouses for the seeds to sprout in.  With the lamp and grow lights, they grew their first and second set of leaves.  Then I transplanted them into yogurt containers to grow deeper roots.  I hardened them off for a time, then planted 30 plants in the garden (with cut pieces of toilet paper rolls around them) and 25 survived.

Through some trial and error, I wasn’t successful with my lavender, thyme and rosemary seeds.  But I was very successful with my tomato seeds.  I have 25 plants producing tomatoes at the perfect rate.  So perfect, that as I finish eating one basket of tomatoes, another basket is ready to be picked.

I’m thrilled.  I’ve already got some crushed tomatoes in the freezer.  And a ton of tomatoes still ripening on the vine.  Ahh, the delicious taste of summer.

I wonder how long I can hold off on building a greenhouse in the basement to eat delicious food all year long!

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